Avaya B179 Installing Avaya IP Office

Blog on 28 Jan , 2015

In this video we will show you how to install Avaya IP Office with your Avaya B179 Conference phone.

Things you need to get started

  • Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phone
  • Avaya IP Office Version 7.0 or Higher
  • Computer with Avaya IP Office Manager

If you’re not using PoE hub then you will need a separate power supply for your B179

You will need your system set up, your Avaya B179 and computer with Avaya IP Office Manager should be hooked up to your hub so they can communicate with one another.

Verify License

To begin, open the Avaya IP Office Manager software on your computer. Login with your regular credentials. First we will make sure that you have a valid IP end point license installed, by clicking on licenses on the left and just checking that it says “Valid”.

Creating an Extension

To create a new extension, on the left side of the page click extensions. Then right click and select new, then choose SIP extension. Under this tab we will create an extension for the unit. For ours we used 289 as the base extension. Under the VoIP tab to the right, click reserve Avaya endpoint license on the right side and check that box.

Retrieving The IP Address From The Avaya B179

To obtain your IP address from the Avaya B179 click the feature key, scroll down using the arrows until you reach status and press OK. Scroll down again to highlight the network and then press OK for your IP Address to pop up. Ours was

Entering IP Address Into Avaya IP Office Manager

Under the VoIP tab enter in your IP address, Ours was

Create A New User

On the left side of the page go to “User” and right click, select “New”. Enter in a name for the unit, For ours we used “B179”. Don’t worry about entering in a password, you can skip that and go straight to full name. We entered in Conference Phone for our unit. Next select the Telephony tab, then go to supervisor settings tab. Under login code enter in your extension; ours is 289. Save what you have done by clicking the save icon on the toolbar. You will then be prompted to do an immediate reboot. Click okay and enter in your regular login information. Your system will now automatically reboot.

Registering Your B179

Next open your internet browser and enter in your IP address; ours is “”. Hit enter and it will bring you to your Avaya B179. Choose Admin under profile and enter the default pin “1234”. Go to settings and then the SIP tab and check yes for enable account. Enter the account name, user name, registrar, authentication, and password.

  • Account Name: B179
  • User: 289 (Extension)
  • Registrar: (IP of LAN port for IP Office)
  • Authentication Name: 289 (Extension)
  • Password: 289 (Enter Extension)

Scroll down and click save. Look at your B179, “Registering” should appear on your unit. Test your B179 with a phone call to be sure you have completed the process correctly.