Best Feature for a Business Phone: Unified Communication

Blog on 23 Feb , 2015
Tired of waiting around at your desk for a call or email while your to-do list piles up? Or how about the tiresome phone tag between you and your customer(s) that often plague the work place? Let me tell you a secret, your work day does not have to be that way. What if I was to tell you there is a way for your desk and mobile phones, email, instant messaging, voice mail and web conferencing to be ...

4 Ways Video Conferencing Makes a Difference

Blog on 17 Feb , 2015
Over on Cisco's Collaboration Blog Kim Austin posted an interesting article about video conferencing that we would like to share with you. Click above to read the full article.   In today's digital age, we can look to technology to eliminate certain expenses as well as provide a convenience factor in almost anything we do. Having a conference or board meeting is no exception to that....

ShoreTel 100 IP Telephone Product Video

Blog on 16 Feb , 2015
Here is a short video created that displays the basic features of the ShoreTel 100 IP Telephone. The ShoreTel Shoreline 100 is a three-line voice over IP telephone. It is a cost-effective, basic IP ShoreTel phone that provides the basic functions of a business phone. This ShoreTel 100 integrates IP PBX and SoftSwitch vendor’s IP solutions. This unit is ideal for any small si...

ShoreTel 655 IP Telephone Overview

Blog on 10 Feb , 2015
Have you been searching for the best looking business desk phone on the market? ShoreTel IP Telephone has raised the bar on business phones with their latest model, the 655 IP Telephone. This new model truly gives any user a real-time telephony experience. This IP phone is ideal for any small to midsize business. Whether you are an administrator or executive this IP Phone gives you endless options...

Avaya 1608 Product Overview

Blog on 30 Jan , 2015
The Avaya 1608 IP Telephone is designed for the everyday user. Users who typically rely on several forms of communication such as voice and email that also require excellent sound quality who find this IP phone very useful. (more…)