ShoreTel 100 IP Telephone Product Video

Blog on 16 Feb , 2015

Here is a short video created that displays the basic features of the ShoreTel 100 IP Telephone.

The ShoreTel Shoreline 100 is a three-line voice over IP telephone. It is a cost-effective, basic IP ShoreTel phone that provides the basic functions of a business phone. This ShoreTel 100 integrates IP PBX and SoftSwitch vendor’s IP solutions. This unit is ideal for any small sized business or office.

Physical Features

The ShoreTel Shoreline 100 features a 160 by 80 LCD panel displaying information about calls, the operating status of the phone and labels for the multipurpose soft keys. The four soft keys allow for any type of function, depending on what the user decides for the labels to display. There are easy to use feature keys that include audio control keys, mute, and headset. Call 1, Call 2, Call 3, transfer, conference, redial, voicemail, speed dial and flash. Intercom, two function keys and hold. Also a numeric keypad and display navigation keys and message alert indicator informing the user of any missed messages.

Call Features

The ShoreTel 100 multiple line-support allows for configurations up to three lines with individual status display. Polycom’s acoustic clarity technology allows simultaneous natural conversation. There is flexibility brought to the business phone with the choice between handset, headset or natural two-way (full duplex) speakerphone mode.

Networking Features

The ShoreTel 100 uses the MGCP protocol and technology partner solutions. The audio compressions codecs used for this unit are the G.711 and G.729A. The ShoreTel 100 also uses a dual 10/100 megabits per second Ethernet ports; manual or DHCP setup.